Water is Taught by Thirst


Prints on flags, 5 flags, 90 x 150cm
video tutorials [link]
In 2021 I did several projects for TROPEZ, an artist run space located inside the public pool Sommerbad Humboldthain. TROPEZ is also a kiosk that serves fries and ice cream.
Five flags were developed in watercolour, meant to show how bodies are meant to feel in the water when swimming. The movements if interpreted create a fluid relationship with the water. They blew in the wind in front of the TROPEZ.
With the help of curators and creative producers Ziemowit ‘Jemek’ Nowak and Sofia Duchovny we created an interactive work also titled Water is taught by thirst (2021): Five online [link] tutorials explain swimming movements using abstract shapes and their fluid dynamics. In the short clips, they merge with the artist.